Little Tn River in Spring

I am thinking about doing the Little Tn river this spring. Anyone that wants to go is welcome. 4 days 3 nights. Canoes or kayaks. I will be going to check out put in and take out before I go. It will be primitive camping. The trip will end at Tn river. No rapids should be easy safe paddling.

I assume that “Little Tn River” stands for the Little Tennessee River. If so, better do some more planning. Because to paddle the Little Tennessee all the way to the Tennessee River would require you to paddle all the way to Lenoir City, Tennessee and you would be paddling mostly all impoundments (lakes). Not to mention the need to portage around Fontana Dam, Cheoah Dam, Calderwood Dam, Chilhowee Dam, and Tellico Dam.

If you are talking about the Little Tennessee, it is a nice river and suitable for a muli-day trip but the “river” portion of the Little Tennessee River pretty much ends at the headwaters of Fontana Lake, about where the Little Tn crosses under route 19/74 near Lauada, North Carolina. There are some “rapids” on it however, in the form of ledges that rate up to Class II depending on water levels.

You can scout a good bit of the lower Little Tennessee by driving along it on Needmore Road, which is mostly gravel. That parallels a good bit of the river and would be a turn to the south off of 19/74 just east of Almond, NC. If you call either Nantahala Outdoor Center or Endless Rivers Adventures, both located in Wesser, NC, one or the other might be able to give some advice regarding potential put-ins and suggested river mileage for your trip.

If you are talking about some other Little Tn River, it would be best to clarify.

I plan on putting in at Tallassee, Tn. below the dam. Paddle from there to Bussell Island and take out there.