Little to Long on car rack

I left my brand new lure 11.5 kayak on my car rack for about two hours on accident. No major damage occurred but I noticed when I did take it off my car there were indents where the kayak was resting. Since I’ve taken the yak of the rack the indents have become less noticeable , to the point where there not visible. At all. Upon further inspection you can still feel the indents slightly. So my question is do I need to take any action to fix them or will it form back to normal on it’s own like it already started to do? The indents were visible before I took them off the rack but now they are not. So I’m wondering if the rest of the indents will come out on their own? Also if I do need to take action what is the best course to take? I heard hot water and leaving it upside down in the sun. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks- Ricky

Ps indent on hull

Sounds like you
have just a bit more work to do on those dents. I’ve had this problem a few times with a Perception Torrent and Cape Lookout. All you need is 2x4’s cut shy allowing for a towel on each end. Wedge wood and towels along with whatever thickness you may need to add like a magazine.Get it pushed out a little more than needed, then heat it using common hair dryer getting it hot enough that is uncomfortable to touch.You may have to do this a few times to achieve the results you’re looking for… A heat gun would work better but I did’nt have one so just used what was avalible.

I’m not a yaker but
wonder, are you cinching it down too hard on the rack? Some cam straps allow for very tight cinching and I’ve seen people really crank down too hard. If you can tie the stems down as well there’s no need to over do the center straps. Also what kind of rack are you using? Maybe some paddling on the crossbars could help. What is the kayak made of?

I’m surprised it didn’t bend in the
other direction, because I’ve heard here that a kayak will lift your car right off the road.