Little Tupper Lake and Lake Lila

Planning to spend about 4 days beginning next weekend canoeing and camping in the Whitney Area either at Little Tupper or Lake Lila. Been all over the Adirondacks but never to these lakes.

Anyone have any comments, thoughts, advice about a great campsite, etc. Thanks. Michael

Lake Lila - 1/3 mile carry, Little Tupper - none

Little Tupper - larger and more room to explore

Lila - prettier IMO

Wildlife - far more loons on Little Tupper

Campsites - both nice

Wind - potential for much tougher conditions on Little Tupper

wow, martin hit all the points perfectly. “what he said!”


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If have the drive to do it, 4 days is plenty of time to stay at both and do the traverse in between the two lakes. I posted lots of details on this trip at the ADK forum in the following thread. Enjoy.

2nd vote for both
Plus, w/ 4 days, you can easily add the newly opened Round Lake to the itinerary. Enjoy !