Little Tupper to Lila

We may be heading there this spring, and wondered a couple of things for those who have been. 1) have they opened up Shingle Shanty Brook so you don’t have to take that silly portage from Lilypad pond? 2) Are there any decent sites not far beyond Hardigan Pond?

We did this trip early in the year the first year it opened up and it was marvelous, if a little muddy, and somehow snuck down Shingle Shanty without that portage. It was a long way from Rock Pond in one day, especially when partner tried to bushwack canoe down little stream just beyond Hardigan. I think it took him two hours and I was done with the portage in about 20 minutes. Thanks for any recent information people may have on this one.

trip report
My wife & I did this trip last year the 3’rd week of May. I posted a trip report then, here’s a link to it:

This is a great trip, I think we’ll be doing it again this year. June would be a better time to go after weather has stabilized some. I intend to plan the trip differently this time to include a night at one of the campsites along the way. Lila is just too crowded sometimes and the sites are pretty decent. Email me if you have specific questions I can answer and enjoy your trip!