Little Wing Kayak New Design Kayak

Has anyone seen or tried this kayak, they make claims about speed and stability that seem outrageous for such a short and light boat of radical design.

Never seen it before
Definitely a radical design,it goes from a 24 inch beam to 20 at the paddler then back out to 24 at the rear.24 inches is wide for a “fast” boat then the water sucks back in to encounter another bulbous part of the hull.With a waterline lenth of 15’9",it would still be stable with a constant 20 " beam.

Interesting square stern,maybe an outboard motor is an option?

Something like it
I saw a longer version of this at a trade show. It was more along the lines of 17’, displacement hull and with the “wings” pretty much overhanging the water (sponsons I thought). The creature I saw had a very high back deck & cockpit giving it the appearance of a 1920’s race car. It was described to me as a “gentlemans’s cruising kayak”. It was more bizzare than this boat but it seemed to share some of the same design.

Well that’s my $.02

See you on the water,


Little Wing
I wonder if any of the NSPN folks have managed to wander over to Salem Harbor and test drive this sucka! Sing? Sanjay? Bnystrom?

Didn’t Like What I Saw In Pics…

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I wandered over to that site about 6 months ago. I don't buy the hype. Not my cup of tea, either long or short boat. This one is a "tween.." Kinda reminds me of the Rockhopper but glued together twice to make into two short boats in one.