Little Wing kayaks

Has anyone tried one of these Kevlar and/or carbon boats?

The design looks intriguing, the weight VERY much so, and the performance claims also look good.

I e-mailed them about prices, and they replied that they would snail-mail me a brochure with pricing.

Never got the brochure, however!

So…any real world experience with them?


My first impression…
…looking at the Warren Light Craft site was…“Eek! Uglier than a QCC!” Oops, sorry! Didn’t mean it. Just kinda slipped out! :wink:

Just looking at the design, I couldn’t convince myself to believe the manufacturer’s hype. Then, following another google link, I found this interesting page:

I’d better go find my flameproof wetsuit…just in case. :slight_smile:


Thankyou, the kayak-in-question’s
loose association to MIT was an emabarassment to me ('65 alumnus), as I could tell from looking at it that it was a cheater.

Turning This Boat
Something I wondered when it first came up, but never asked… I wonder what happens if in dimensional water and just one of the wings is caught as you are turning or being kicked around in big chop, just the rear or just the front. As above none of their shots show the boat even turning and on edge, let alone doing it in messy stuff where I imagine just one wing could get caught. With such a thin waterline underneath it seems, though I really don’t know why, that there could be some tricky moments.

Interesting design

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but I think they run close to $5,000. Pricey boats, for sure.

Oops, I see it already mentioned that in the link.

Destined to fail
1. Does not fit the image of a kayak that people have.

2. Way too expensive for the kayak marketplace

The only Little Wing I’ll ever own is…
…the better-than-the-Hendrix-original Stevie Ray Vaughn “Little Wing”.