LL Bean Spin child's kayak

I’m in search of a kids kayak for my 9 year old, and happened to see this in one of the LL Bean catalogues. It must be brand spankin’ new as I can’t find any info about it online. The catalogue only mentioned it was sold in their retail stores, and didn’t provide any specs.

Anyone seen it yet, and have any thoughts on how it stacks up against the other child rec boats?

Check out the Perception Acadia Scout
Made by a more reputable company, this kayak has been in production for a few years with very positive feedback. Designed specifacly for kids, a true touring kayak scaled down so it can keep up. And, on top of that, only about 500 bucks new!! Should fit him until about 12, maybe 13- but that will be around time for an adult kayak.

You have a problem w/ reality, don’t you
You stated, “…a true touring kayak scaled down so it can keep up.”

Perception’s website states:

“An Acadia designed just for kids. A very lightweight, easy-to-paddle, sized-to-fit, price-point RECREATIONAL* kayak with enough speed to keep up with Mom and Dad.”



*Capitalization was my edit for emphasis.

but it had a small cockpit. The point is, good kayak

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Yeah, I’ve seen the Perception, and have been looking for a used once since I think $500 is steep for a boat that’ll only get a couple years of use. The intriguing part about the LL Bean Spin is the price - $249. I have enough boats to know that you generally get what you pay for, but that’s still a very enticing price for something that we won’t have very long.

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Acadia Scout
Keep in mind that resale value for the Scout will likely be high. We have two, and they’ve been really good starter boats for our two kids. I just bought my son’s (10 year old) next boat, which he’ll likely start using this year. We’ll keep his Scout for my daughter’s (8 year old) friends to paddle when they come along to the local pond.

I just dug out my new LL Bean catalog and looked at the Spin. No dimensions are listed, but it looks like it may be quite wide, which may be a problem for a 9 year old. If it’s too wide for them to maneuver it easily, they won’t want to paddle it. The Scout is fairly narrow, light, and stable, and is easy for kids around that age to maneuver.

Unless your child is a real bruiser, I’d recommend getting them a Scout for the next couple of years, then selling it and upgrading to a small adult (i.e. “woman’s”) kayak. In the interim, that will give you time to keep an eye open for a good deal on a used kayak for their next boat.

Have fun!

Thank you
sorry for my misconception

perception makes LL beans boats…
so…it does not matter about that…

LLBean requests older models be made and rebranded as their own boats…

think back…does anyone recognize the LLBean Calypso?

LL Bean spin kayak
I purchased a Spin kayak yesterday at the retail store in Marlton, NJ. It appears to be a re-branded version of the Pelican Break. I purchased 2 of the Pelicans last year from the same store (they never appeared in the catalog and the retail store in NJ only received 3 or 4 in total over the season). My 9 and 11 year old nephews enjoyed them immensely last summer. I bought the Spin yesterday for their younger sister. I haven’t been in the new boat yet but I and other adults have paddled the Break kayaks. Even adults (less than 200 lbs) will find it to be an acceptable kayak for a few hours of recreational flatwater paddling. Nothing remotely hightech about them, but lightweight, small enough to throw in the back of a mini-van, and relatively easy for kids to control. Not a serious boat but definitely fun.

Forgot to mention the Spin specs
Spin kayak is 8’ in length, 19" x 32" cockpit, 26 lbs with a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs. Has a padded seat and back attached to the molded seat. Has some webbing to secure a paddle when not in use and on back deck. No storage hatches. Manufactured by Pelican. My local LL BEan only had 2 in stock (one pink & white, one orange & white).

Pelican Break

– Last Updated: Mar-21-09 6:36 PM EST –


Never paddled one, but by the numbers it's too wide and too deep to really fit a child well. Compare to an Acadia Scout:

Break: 8' long, 28" beam, 14" depth, 26 lbs, 200 lbs max.
Scout: 10' long, 23" beam, 10.5" deep, 28 lbs, 150 lbs max.

Sure, kids will have fun in anything that floats, but if you want them to develop paddling skills it makes a huge difference to have gear that fits. Adult-sized rec boats force kids to paddle with their hands way too high, which tires them out quickly.

Check out the Dagger Catalyst 12.8
and the Perception Tribute. They are not kids kayaks per se, but smaller persons kayaks that kids might do well in. They also won’t grow out of them too quickly.

the spin
The spin kayak sold at ll bean is the same exact boat called the break by pelican, it is by far the best 8 foot boat out there.my wife and I love that boat and i weigh 190 pounds and put that kayak in lake champlain great in the waves…

ll bean spin
you can only get it at the retail locations

Spin Kayak
I took my kids to the store in Mansfield MA and they have them. There’s no keel and my concern is this thing will be a bear for a little one to track so I didn’t buy. If anyone finds differently I would love to hear because for the price it would be worth it if they handle well.


Spin kayak
I bought a pink spin for my daughter (3 years ago!) and she loves it. Not sure if they still carry it. Would buy one for my son!