LL Bean West Branch 16'

Does anyone know anything about the current L.L. Bean West Branch 16’ Canoe? In the past it sounds like it was just a re-branded Old Town Discovery but the current canoe looks a bit different and much lighter. Does anyone know who is making it for Bean, or has any experience with the canoe?

@kurtzislost did you ever get an answer to this? Wondering the same thing.

Not the same material as the Discos. The W Branch uses T Formex the new ABS ( Royalex) replacement.
T Formex is lighter than polyethylene

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The LL Bean West Branch is the same hull as the Wenonah Aurora.

The LL Bean Royal River solo is the same hull as the Wenonah Fusion.

LLBean just rebrands other canoe makers brands but gives them a Maine twist. The Royal River runs near the flagship store and some of it is twisty. Part of the West Branch refers to the W Br Penobscot river a nice float appropriate for a general use canoe.