LL Stingray 14? Need advice . . . .

I’ve been paddling an America 11. It’s fine for the fishing I do going down river, but I’d like something a little more efficient for paddling upriver in a slow moving, w/ occasional narrow passage 500-1000 cfs flow. I can just barely do it in the A11, and I’ve been thinking a 14’ should be sufficient for a little more efficiency, as well as still allow some maneuverability.

I’ve been considering a Loon 120 or 138 (because of the huge cockpit opening, I like that), but I test paddled a 120 on Saturday, and I didn’t see any dif from that over my A11. I don’t think the 138 will be much better due to it’s width.

So, I found an online retailer today w/ Liquid Logic Stingray 14’s on sale for $599 plus $45 shipping. That’s within my budget (a little less actually) and since they’re no longer on LL’s website, I assume they’re DC’d. The problem is there are no dealers within 3 states of me, so a test paddle is out.

Any experienced advice on Stingray 14’s? I’m 6’3, (as much as) 220, and mostly fish slow moving rivers. I don’t want a SOT at all and want just a little more efficiency without sacrificing TOO much stability or maneuverability.

'Would appreciate any experienced input.

go for it!
Liquid Logic has partnered with Heritage Watercraft who are now making the Stingray. When Liquid Logic made the kayak I really liked it.

I am not a huge fan of large cockpit kayaks or sit on top kayaks, but I really like these kayaks. The main reason is that they actually handle like more traditional kayaks.

The are fast, handle well, and are stable for that kind of kayak.

AHHhhh, Heritage. That’s where it went!
That looks like a nice seat upgrade. Maybe I’ll look at those first. There’s a dealer 15 miles away, and I’ve met the owner. Young guy with a lot of experience paddling, and a great customer service attitude.

Thanks for the info and the input. I’m thinking more now that that’s the way to go for me . . . .

I’ve been looking at Pokeboats. They look interesting…


'Seen 'em. . . . too wide and slow.
Try to paddle that thing against moving water. Not happening.

Here’s something I really, really want. But not in the budget anytime soon.


Two college funds not nearly stocked enough yet . . . .

Manta Ray 14
The Manta Ray is fast, stable, and handles great. The 14 is the skinniest of the three models. I used to snug into the cockpit just right, but add a set of thigh straps and you are anchored in.

Anyway, I’m a bunch heavier than you and a bit shorter. The leg area extended about 6 inches beyond my feet. The seat is very comfortable. The front hatch was large enough for me to slip a spare two-piece paddle inside.

We routinely paddle upriver in both little shallow stuff and fat rivers. The Manta Ray was fine. In fact, my wife still paddles a Manta Ray 10.

Finally, you won’t find any better customer service than Liquid Logic.

Looks great, 'just don’t want a SOT.

Wife just ordered a
Sting ray 12 from the online outfitter I think you were talking about…I told them my home is my business address and got free shipping.(It actually is a biz address). If it is the same outfitter the called today to give me the lowdown on the shipping…1-2wks by Fed Ex cargo.

Anyway, didn’t order one for myself as I haven’t paddled one yet. I’m 5’10 and 210lbs…once it arrives I’ll be glad to let you know how she (we) make out. I may grab the 14 too

That’s a good idea.
I’ll check with my office tomorrow to see if they’ll allow a shipment. I’m still leaning pretty heavy on it.

dur, Stingray. Apply most of above, but put a deck on it.


LL Stingray 14
I really like my LL! I’ve used it for fishing -it has 2 rod holders, cup holders and storage behind the seat. It has a dry hatch in the back (I had to seal it with goop because the water from the cockpit came in by way of the little “gutter” down the middle of the “floor”.) The water came in from my feet when getting in, a little paddle drip or from my dog after a swim. It also has the bungee on the front. Generally my dog sits there so I don’t get to use it much. I’ve had it on a small lake and a class I river - it handles fine on both. I noticed it wanting to weathercock a little when the wind picks up, but that varies with load and paddler. Over all I’m glad I got it! It’s a great do all boat. I go for it over my 18’ CLC and Swifty when I want to do a quick paddle.

Hey Yak just wanted
you to know. Wife and I went out on tow LL stingray 12’s today. I’m a novice paddler but have had experience with Wilderness Pamlico and a couple of other rec kayaks.

We were both very pleased with the way the handled…seemed to track well and the water level was very low on the river we were in. It only required inches of water with me…5’10 210-215. We were out about four hours and had a blast.

I just ordered the 14’. I think the outfitter you were talking about is out of 12’s at the discounted price.

To give you an idea of how good a price it is, I offered an outfitter $50 more…he said now way you’ll ever get that Yak for $600… good luck

Thanks. That’s good info.
I’m really thinking hard about it. I know tomorrow’s the last day. I just committed my self to a WDW trip at the end of Oct., so it’s getting tight. It’s definitely hard to pass up at that price, but I might just have to wait and pay more. I’m pretty opposed to throwing it on a cc, so I’m not sure where it’s going yet.

Thanks for the opinion, although you just made saying no a little harder . . . .


The way I figure it
you can’t lose. If you decide to cc the kayak you’ll probably be very happy…if you decide not to, you’ll still have two wonderfully happy boys (I read your post on WDW)…

Good luck…

Glass is more than half full for sure…
Only four left. Decisions, decisions…

Time was winding down on the sale . . .
I ordered. I just couldn’t pass that up. My wife agreed (I always consult w/ her, and she rarely objects; same w/ her to me), and said it was up to me. She only wants to know how I’m getting rid of the canoe, which I decidedly do not want any longer. I’m not opposed to having or using a canoe, but I’m tired of “soloing” it with passengers, if you get what I mean. I hoped to get my father out w/ me a few times, and got him out once last Fall, but his health is failing and he’s given up golfing and bowling now, so I don’t see him coming out w/ me again.

This wasn’t the best timing to buy for me, but since the Stingray has transferred over to Heritage, I’m sure I won’t get a discount like that again soon, so now’s the time.

Thanks to those w/ experience on the Stingrays in helping me decide.

Anyone want to buy a MR Adventure 16? lol

Good Luck!!
Sounds like everyone is winning…you and the kids… Hope you make out well with it!!