Load Stops for Thule XSporter rack

The Xsporter is thule’s solution for open bed pickup trucks. The xsporter uses an aluminum, “aero” bar, so many of the fittings for Thule’s square bars don’t work.

I searched for load stops, and didn’t find anything I thought was compatible. I ended up ordering from Thule. I just opened the package and found DeWalt contractor bookend load stops, DCBLS344. So, if you ever hear anybody looking for load stops for an Xsporter, advise them to shop for DeWalt contractor bookend load stops, DCBLS344. Those are available from multiple sources.

Price from Thule was in line with DeWalt, but DeWalt is way more available.

Now I’d like to find some of the T-bolts that came with the load stops. Only a little longer, to fit 2x4.


Thule owns Dewalt
And your Xsporter should have come standard with a set of those Loadstops.

Cross ownerships!
I thought DeWalt was owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Did Thule buy SB&D, or did maybe SB&D sell DeWalt?

Too confusing. But corporate conglomeration definately explains why you open a Thule package and find DeWalt.

I’d like to find the person that sold me the Xsporter and find out what she did with the original stuff that should have come with the rack. But, a year-ago’s craigslist seller is going to be tough to find. Maybe an add in craigslist?