Loading 1 Yak While Set Up For Two?

Hi all,

Boy, I had a tough time coming up with a title for this thread. Here’s the background to my question. I have the Yakima Lowriders attached to my Xterra roofrack. On the 64" crossbars, I have two sets of hully rollers and two sets of mako saddles (one for each boat). When I break the system down so I can fit in the garage, I just take the lowriders off, leaving the hully rollers an mako saddles in place on the crossbars.

Here’s the question - can I transport one kayak (50lb Acadia) under this system? It would be offset from the center of the vehicle, essentially hanging over the drivers or passengers side, due to the crossbars having two sets of mako saddles/hully rollers.

I don’t want to take one set of saddles/rollers off, then readjust the first set to the middle of the vehicle if I don’t have to. Does anyone here transport one kayak offset like this?

Thanks in advance for the tips/help.


If Everything Is Secure –
rack to roof, saddles to rack, boat to saddles, nicely strapped and lines attached to stern and bow to car, there should not be any problems.

You may experience more than you want in cross winds, but that would happen whether you have one or two boats.

Personally, I know it’s not recommended, but I have traveled hundreds of miles on highways with four boats on top of my roof racks. Just make sure every thing is strapped and tied in well.


No Problem !!
As noted above… as long as everything is secured properly !

I run with only one kayak at times ,while set-up for 2.


as long as
you boat isn’t that heavy. Remember the Flintstones with the bronto ribs?

One boat
I transport one boat on the driver’s side of my Xterra all the time. Makes sense to have it close to the edge for ease of mount and dismount, and as long as it is in line, and not cocked, it rides fine. I have Thule saddles mounted directly to my factory cross bars, with the extra length bolts Thule has. If I was to transport two boats, however, I would have to have the cross bars, or tilt them, due to the factory rack being so narrow.

Yakima rack setup
for being able to haul our two kayaks. However, I often just take one kayak out with me at a time. I do not reposition the rack cradles into the center if I am only carrying the one kayak. I leave them right where they are whether I am carrying one or two kayaks at a time.


I am not sure if I understand
I am not sure if I understand the question. Are you asking if it is Ok to carry two yaks on a rig that normally carries two? Why would it be a problem?

I have a similar setup w/yakiam rail riders, rollers, makos setup for two boats. It’s not uncommon to carry just one, and I never readjust the saddles. It would be too much work for no apparent reason. It just seems so basic, I must wonder if there is some other issue you are concenrned with.

Hi all, thanks for the replies.

To the above poster, yes - you’ve understood my question correctly. I was concerned if I should have to reposition my saddles and rollers to the middle of the rack when I only had one boat mounted as opposed to when it was set up for two boats.

I had previously been repositioning the saddles and rollers - now I know!!!

Thanks again all.