Loading 2 kayaks in pickup

We are seniors and have been kayaking in Hobie Kona for 7 years. We tried kayak fishing with 2 rentals and now want to buy 2 singles. I have a shortbed F150 and can manage loading Kona ok. I have a back problem and am concerned about how to load 2 kayaks. Any suggestion on ways to lift and transport?

if you want to keep the load low
You can get an extension and put it on your hitch. It’ll have to have some width to accommodate two boats but it seems possible:


and more
with a search for Truck Bed Extender.

Or consider a trailer.

I use a bed extender and a kayak
cart when needed.You never have to lift a boat above your waist.


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poss using solid clear 1x with steel angles bolted thru wood.

add rollers ?

place yak on ladder off bed/gate

lift end ladder n roll into bed.

If length continues as a problem, a wood frame angle braced to bed n bolted to bed on bottom plate ....as a roll bar. Clears the cab.

lifting one end hull up to the frame top in 2 steps, the mid step built in...should be no strain ?

Hull lifting is 75% balance.

always stretch first,,, waist bends.

I also have roof racks but seldom use
them because the boats are so heavy.