Loading 2 sea kakakson 2015 outback

I have a question for you knowlegable yakers out there, and hopefully someone has the answer that I’m hoping for.
Can 2 sea kayaks, Boreal P300 and an older 14’ Necky be loaded onto my 2015 outback using factory load bars, and J hook mounts?
I originally had a 2006 outback, and mounted Thule bars, and saddles with no problem due to the load bar widths. But with the neweer 2015, it has factory bars, so that’s not an option for 2 boats.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What is the width of your factory bars?

What I found shows 39" side to side.

Works on a 2017… With two 17ft sea kayaks.

EXCELLENT! I appreciate your help.
Copper Harbor Michigan on Lake Superior, here I come…well, not until next month anyway.
Thanks to all that replied!
Paddle on!!