Loading a heavy , round boat.

Specifically a new Tarpon 140.While great on the water,it is a beast to get on and off a car.

I have Yakima racks with an extender . Getting the boat on the roof isn’t too much trouble, but turning it hull up is like wrestling a greased log.

I’m looking at a Mako saddle and hully Rollers, but the problem of getting it up there still exists.

Suggestions appreciated.

Clean off the 303.

I just helped a guy load is Tarpon 140
last Saturday.

There was a bunch of young bucks standing around, and I guess they didn’t notice that he was trying to get it from the water to his car which was at the top of the boat ramp.

He yelled for his wife to come help him, and when I realized that none of the men were going to help, being as dumb as I am, I ran over and grabbed the bow.

Big mistake !

I thought I was going to get a hernia when I leaned over the hood of his car trying to get it on his racks.

Jack L

cross line from the handle
I loop a line around the handle of the boat on the side that is at the center of the car. I stand in the door frame with the door open and grap this line and pull it up while pushing the handle that is at the edge of the car. The kayak easily flips hull up and I can strap it down. I guess you’d need a ladder to do this with an SUV or a van.

right side up
I put the seat loops thru the bungees that hold the seat back in place when it is folded down and just let it ride right side “up”. The kayak doesn’t care and it has drain holes. I ussually use the truck, but if on roof top I also face it stern first to limit wind damage to the seat. I do prefer two people for loading, but I have a kayak transport Wheelez cart and it can be flipped upside down on the trunk to use as a roller, John

PS put a rug or towel under the wheelez to protect car finish.

Use the
RF, String.

I have the Hully rollers with both the Mako Saddles and the Land Shark saddles. I always put my QCC on the Land Shark side as I feel its more secure. Off course I have the gunwale brackets for the Spitfire.

shiraz, there are places I won’t take
the RF, like rocky rivers.Got a trip coming up on the French Broad ; lots of shoals.

Get a Trailer
They’re awesome and much easier to load boats.

I also noticed that at the end of a long paddle, the boats weigh more. I think that the hulls absorb water.


Correct on both…nm

A trailer is on the way.