loading and hauling heavy canoes

I have been reading, researching, and learning on this site it is GREAT!

One thing I see is people with trouble loading and hauling a heavy canoe on a car.

In reviews of Coleman ram x 15 over and over trouble loading.

I am in rough shape and can not lift much. Long story short. x pro motocross racer. and any thing else that moves.

I am now paying for it and have to be very careful.

Here is how I do it. It is very easy and cheap.

first you get 6 of the fat swim noodles. The thin one’s will work but if its a heavy beast you will want the fat one’s I think mine were called big daddy.

Second cut the noodles the long way. A big butcher knife works good. Then put them over the rail’s mark and cut out notches for the thwart’s and seat mounts.


If it is a 16 foot canoe: locate the canoe parallel to the car about 3 steps or 10 feet away with one end even with the center of the car. (This distance is important you will find what work’s for your boat and car. Roll away from the car lift and walk to the center of the car and set it on top the canoe should be on the car 2 or 3 feet and be on the noodles. and be at a 90 deg. angle to the car.

Then lift the far end and slide the canoe on the car.

Once it is on most of the way and most of the weight is on the car. You can start to spin it and bob it up and down to guide it on to the car straight centered

and even front to back.

With the noodles on the rails it slides easy and protects the car from scratches.

It spreads the weight of a heavy tub out so it is not on just 4 pads. I found the pads kinked my thin roof.

I leave them on all the time less to mess with.

It is stealth quiet

Ever fall on a rail? It makes for nice padding.

Ever lean a knee on a rail all day? It makes nice padding.

Ever swamp a canoe? It makes good flotation

six big noodles can displace 114 pounds.

I use orange one’s for safety/viability

I stick fish hooks in them.

In an bad spot you can use them to hold tarp or plastic for splash and rain.

Keep paddle from banging on the rail.

Nice for pry stroke.

Protects rails from damage.

I know we have discussed this before. In other ways.

I felt it was worth posting because of the many loading problems I have read about.

And if it is easy getting in and out the rest is just fun! It could Help people to enjoy the sport that could not before. It works for me! :slight_smile:

Joking ok i’m only joing

Commodore of the Pumpkin Center armada

aspiring world circumnavigater by canoe.

heavy canoes
I have an OT Guide 18 that weighs over 90 pounds when wet. A trailer makes loading easy.