Loading canoe for day trip

How to properly load canoe? For example, I’m going for one day trip around small quiet lake. Two people, one dog. No tents, sleeping bags etc. For the simplicity, no fishing gear. Just food, water, beer :)… Where are proper places for this stuff? And for spare paddle. And for whatever else I need?

In a tandem canoe?
Right in the middle. Keep the beer closest to you.

If the bow is two feet out of the water
take some of the stuff and put it up there.

If the stern is two feet out of the water, reverse the procedure.

If the boat is leaning to one side, take some stuff from that side and put it on the other side.

That is the way my wife and I learned about sixty years ago.

Jack L

mostly the same … in the middle

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........ section , the fat part , from ahead of stern paddler not to interfere with paddling ... to behind bow paddlers seat .

Try to organize so as heavier items stay low as possible , heavier items stay on center line as possible (or equaled left and right) ... just think ballancing load as possible .

If you think the pooch will be trying to move around from front to back ... probably best to leave him/her some kinda pathway so it doesn't have to be climbing over stuff too much .

Sometimes my paddle(s) are in front of me , top grip resting on thwart and flat , sometimes maybe against side (blade flat to side) tucked between side and cargo , sometimes I put it behind me sticking up on an angle resting against rear deck ... all work just fine .

Do take an extra paddle along if you have an extra .

Large and small Igloo Playmate coolers are real nice for many things , even food !!

A small dry bay to carry lightweight rain gear , misc. stuff is real handy also . You will appreciate having drink and munchy food along with you to keep the energy up (in addition to the lunch you plan) .

Have a blast and welcome aboard ... you are going places , many of them ... all will capture you .

Don't tie the pooch in , sit on him if you have to but don't rope him in ... take a towel

couldn’t have been said better !!

Drink the beer first. Then load & paddle