loading on a J rack

A cheap way to assist loading: I screwed two #2 metal hooks at a “v” angle into the ends of two 2x2’s. These hooks fit over the J rack. Using two of them in each 2x2 keeps the 2x2’s steady. I cut the 8’ 2x2’s down to about 7’ so that they do not touch my car when I put them in place. The result is a “ramp” I can push my kayak up on – no need to lift the entire weight. This system continues to work well. (Bend your side mirror in!)

1 picture is worth 1k words NM

I read you post about five times
before I think I finally figured out what you did.

Where do you keep the two seven foot long 2x2’s when traveling?

Also I don’t think I would be wanting to push a composite boat up a wood ramp type structure. -You might want to think of padding the 2x2’s with some old carpet.

Why not a little simpler method: pad both of the J cradles with some carpet. - lay your boat on the ground either in front of the front J or behind the rear J. - Place a small mat under the farthest point of the boat from the vehicle, (bow or stern). then go to the place on the boat which is closest to the J cradle, pick it up and place it on the J, (the mat protects the other end from getting scraped on the ground). Then go to the other end; pick it up and just slide the boat up onto the cradles.

I load and unload this way all the time, but instead of using a mat, my wife just holds the opposite end up off the ground

Jack L

something similar
Of course, more expensive


I just pick the boat up
and place it on the rack. Lift, place, tie down. A composite would be cool though.