Lobster Lake/Steam Spring Water Level

planning this trip for next weekend, I’ve read that lobster stream is a real easy paddle, has anyone been this time of year and experienced a tough current or any other obstacles?

Is the ice out?


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Answered my own question. See http://www.lobsterlake.org/

Be ready for lots of fisherman?

Lobster stream is flatwater - very little current. I'd be surprised if there was any issue of that sort. It is the fisherman that could be an issue. You might get there and find a lot of fisherman with twin 80's trolling and camping on the sites. Not so bad as long as you are ready for it.

Looks like 50’s to mid-60s…

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raingear is the norm for May/June. Think water levels will be a little high but nothing to worry about as far as paddling = easy stuff = good exercise.
Should be fun....fwiw a few other, closeby:
1)the South Branch of the Penobscot(aka Canada Falls section...the section up above(ie west of) Seboomook Lake)..is also a beautiful piece of WW(w/releases).
2) BigSpencer Mtn(4-5mi to the SE):*Not sure how rebuilt the bottom trail is...but one good day climb.
GoogleMap satellite image(Lobster Lake):


It is easy

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but ice out may be recent. Once I got there in mid May and ice had just gone out.

I have never had trouble with fishermen. I have had trouble with flooded campsites and snow covering what dry land there was.

If the West Branch is in flood.. dont even think of paddling under the bridge. You did say Lobster only. Once we went to Lobster but wanted to go down the West Branch.. The debris piled up against the bridge along with the current coming under the strainers made this impossible.

So you should call North Maine Woods. If the ice is not out this will change your trip. Ice went out in central Maine yesterday.

The site that said ice out was the 10th is referring to Lobster Lake Minnesota.. Reminder if you are going to play Mr Google, do it well.

Looking up Chesuncook Village Webcam ( near Lobster Lake) that lake is still iced in.. Shows signs of breakup in a week or so. Not this weekend


thats Lobster Lake