Lobstering form a kayak

Lobster season is coming up, and I am interested in trying it with traps from a kayak. Does anyone have any experience or resorces?

Just Don’t Look Like A…
a kayaker stealing a trap. I don’t know how yo would do that. Someplaces, they’ll may shoot first thinking you are thief…


I just read an article on this
I just can’t remember where. I think the guy was from the south shore or RI. He only used two pots. He was in a rec boat and the pictures were very nice. I remember that he was pretty good at it. Try SK or paddler maybe last month or just before.

my thoughts
maybe some sort of deployable stablizers. Get to your spot, set them out, then hull up the pot.

Why even think about it? Kayaks aren’t designed for lobster pots. Try paddling around with milk crates strapped to your boat and see how you like it. Add a couple of water bottles to make it a little more realistic.

How restrictive is the licensing for lobsters in your area anyways?

Get a rowboat, sink your baited kayak,
and you should do alright.

That’s Funny

Not Too Funny!
No, not funny at all. The original poster asked an intersting question and the best you could contribute was that sad little quip? You really should take your time a craft a reasonable response that contributes to the topic.

I’ve checked my crab traps
from my kayak, made sure the bait was still there, checked to see if it was time to harvest, but never hauled any out. I use my john boat for hauling the traps out there, bringing them back in, and harvesting. I really wouldn’t want to have to contend with a bunch of blues, stonies, hardheads, and oyster toadfish falling in my lap as I’m sitting in a kayak.

Check Out Spike’s Coastal Kayak Fishing
Dennis Spike has a site called Coastal Kayak

Fishing. He is located down in SOCAL. Lots of guys there do lobster fishing.

thanks for the info.
I realize that a kayak is not the ideal choice for this, and ear problems keep me from scuba diving any longer. Ill let you all know how it went. thanks again