Local kayakers support guest kayakers

I kindly offer you to join the facebook group Local kayakers support guest kayakers. The purpose is as follw.

While kayakers travel abroad, they can contact through the facebook local members that can help them or give information while preparing for expedition or along the way if they need help from locals.

Group members are encouraged to assist foreign kayakers.

Members may share here local attractions, routes of trips they did or any other relevant information for expeditions. To join the group pls get to the link bellow. Could you pls distribute this mail among kayakers from other countries



Avner Moncaz


Local kayakers support guest kayakers
This is the link to join the group


No thanks !
Good way to get yourself in trouble.

Many P-net folks including myself already do that.

It is as simple as posting through P-net.

And I would caution any younger folks to be cautious of any thing like this.



you and many pnetters already
get yourselves in trouble you say?

Nope, I didn’t say that
it is simple to read between the lines, and I am reading between the lines on the OP.

Go ahead and sign up, and you can tell the rest of us how you made out.

Need I remind you what PT Barnum said ?



I understand Jackl concerns.
Yes, Paddling.net already does everything he is interested in, in the Getting Together sections and Trip Reports.

And yes, this might be a phish.

Curiosity made me google Avner Moncaz, and he does have a Facebook page with a picture and some friends.

Occam’s Razor leads me to believe he probably is legit and has a good but imperfect command of English. Much better than my Hebrew, of course.

I will see if my niece, who is living in Jerusalem and completing her college degrees, wants to go kayaking and if she finds him legit.


Really I dont understand your concern
The mail purpose of this group is to help each other while being in a foreign country. I did it several times, and luckily had a tel number of local kayakers just in case. I guess paddling net is not someone you can call while you are in trouble.

As for your relative, I have sent you my Tel number, and will really be happy to help.


On the contrary
Hi Jack. The idea of the group is to help people to get out of trouble.

I want to share with you all, how did I get to the idea of this group. Having a Tel number of a local friend while getting into trouble on a kayak trip , saved me of a serious problem. Please enter the link bellow to read the story at the end of the picasa album


Please keep reading
The report is on the last pages of the picasa album