Local Run on a Sunday Afternoon

It was quite a bit colder in New England this weekend (mid-20’s with wind chill in the single digits on Saturday), so only the real die-hard paddlers were out, and most of them were on bigger rivers than I wanted to run. It warmed up a little on Sunday afternoon, so I took my Yellowstone Solo down to my local playspot on the Blackstone River. It’s about a half-mile of quickwater with a couple easy rapids. I took some pictures and played in whatever features I could find. The digitally enhanced video (2X speed) is here:


It was really boring to watch at the normal speed, so I sped it up a little - “fake news”/“alternative fact” alert.

Here are the pictures:


Never boring to watch kids at play. Especially when there’s no snow.

Nice…But if you sped it up 2x, how come the canoe wasn’t getting any further upstream? :wink: (Kidding, kidding.)

You’re right, maybe at 4x I’d have better luck getting upstream - worth a try.

Also while back-surfing!