local water levels

can someone help me find the website for local river stages? haven’t been online for about 2 yrs and used to have an army corp site that had flow charts and everything. thanks

American Whitewater


Where AW gets their data.


If you are looking for whitewater the AW site has more info and less noise. Check the River Tools.

If you are looking for anything else including some whitewater that AW doesn’t have USGS might fill the gaps.

USGS site
Due to funding issues this site has a lot less rivers posted than in the past. I still use it for local stuff regardless but it sure is sad to see a lot of that info gone.

where did all the gauges go?
Thanks ya’ll. The USGS site was the one i was looking for. But what happened to all the rivers that used to be listed? They even had numerous little creeks listed in my area. Goverment funding? HMMMM.

Maybe the ACA and Amer.WW could
help fund the guages on streams that are navigable or well used. Maybe the insurance companies can fund the flood monitors…