Location for 5 day/100 mile trip in VA

I am trying to plan a 5 day river trip somewhere near Norfolk, VA. I was hoping some people know of long stretches of river with public land to camp on and preferably not too many people. I am looking to avoid large touristy areas with crowds of people floating down the river. Would really appreciate some tips on where this could be found in Virginia.

It’s been decades but the New River is pretty long.

Subscribing as I am moving to VA next month

here’s a trip report (not mine) that might be of interest to you,

I have enjoyed paddling the upper reaches of the black (near Zuni) but that won’t give you the distance or days you are looking for but the scenery was great

looking at google earth, plenty more river downstream to paddleon the meherrin than what is in the report-
stealth camping and portaging around wood on the upper reaches is a likelyhood, doubt it will have the public campgrounds you’re looking for but if you kept a low profile…

quite a bit further away in the mountains the james river water trail has caught my eye (there’s a shuttle service in Buchanon) and some riverside camping with multiday possibilities

even further away is the greenbrier river in wv

Find some canoeing guides. Do not guess. 100 miles is a long way if the river does not have much current.