location registration numbers

I’ve decided to buy a canoe in Royalex or Polyethylene. Most of the time I’ll be using the canoe solo so sitting in the bow seat facing the stern. Occasionally I will have another passenger so will then motor it the traditional way - most of the time will be using a motor. My dilemma is where to put the registration numbers. Should I put them :

  1. on the bow and use an additional seat in the middle for solo use.
  2. On the stern since I’ll be using it solo most of the time, will it matter if when used tandem the numbers are on the stern? and -
  3. Put numbers on both ends so they are visible from the front no matter which way I’m using the canoe.

    Maybe this has been asked before, I don’t know, but any advice?, thanks …

numbers always
go in the front according to the PFBC as far as I can tell. I have a canoe and use it the same as you describe. Solo, motor, tandem…my numbers are on the bow and never have a problem and I always launch on a lake it front of the ranger station, so they see me and talk to me from time to time. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I’ll put them on the bow. They will be on the stern when I paddle the bow from reverse for solo, but from what your saying this is ok…

Should be ok
I do it all the time…I keep a 5 gallon square plastic water cooler jug in the other end when going solo…just put water in it from the lake and cap it with a piece of plastic and a rubber band to level me out. So, the numbers are easily visible in the back.

Good paddlin’ and fishin’ to you…