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I live in Louisville, KY and we have friends in Birmingham, AL. We want to meet approximately half-way in-between for a camping weekend of kayaking and cycling. This is a family trip (kids from 10-14) so we are looking for class I-II river--no serious whitewater. We'll have 3-4 kayaks with us but will need to rent 3-4 and/or possibly take our Disco158 as well.

I assume that the best locations would be in Tennesee or North Georgia.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have or good places to look.



have you tried the elkhorn in lexington? here is an outfitter on the creek canoeky.com,they are very nice people and have rentals and do shuttles.

good luck


Yes, we love the Elkhorn and will do that several times this summer. For this particular trip we are looking for something in between Louisville and Birmingham. It won’t work for a weekend if our friends have to drive 400 miles to the site.

Thanks, though.

Chatanooga Blueway/Tennessee River

Chatooga in TN
Check this out.


May have to copy/paste the link.

weather dependent
The area around Dahlonoga (spelling may be wrong) GA has some nice places to paddle. Etowah River, Chestatee (again check the spelling). These are not dam controlled so at times the water levels may be too low for plesant paddling.

Delonaga GA

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Here is a link to Applachian Outfitters near Helen and Dahlonega GA
If you want to email me and I can tell you about several campgrounds near there. We go up there quite a bit. A few are Sleepyhallow and Enota.

Chestatee River Etowah River
This is exactly the kind of setting we’re looking for. It is a bit of a haul from Louisville, though.

Some Tennessee Info
Here’s a cut and past from one of my posts on another forum:

Here’re some links to information on some of our many lakes, and, if you locate dams on the landforms website, you can find rivers downstream from them. The only state park I know of that doesn’t permit private boats is the beautiful small lake at Fall Creek Falls - they have a canoe rental concession - bummer.




Also, the Wildlife Management Area people ( http://www.state.tn.us/twra/boatmain.html ) allow duck hunters on some lakes (Woods Reservoir in Franklin County, for instance) to build convenient outhouses for kayakers (Ha Ha) along the shoreline, though it really is nice to have somewhere non-muddy to get out and stand for a few minutes while paddling of a morning.

And, while we’re thinking about warm water, here’s a link to the only information I’ve been able to find on Tennessee water temperatures -


Seems odd to me that water temp data isn’t more widely gathered or reported.

A word of caution about the grassy areas adjacent to some boat ramps, lakeside “beaches”, and similar preferred boat assembly locations - many of the people who visit our lakes bring their dogs with them. I find it safer to assemble my boats on whatever pavement is nearby. When I must walk through grassy areas, I try to watch every step.