Locations in Manitoba?

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I've been put in charge of planning a group trip for the upcoming summer. I've been debating going up to the Nopiming Park area and paddling there which I've done before, but would like something new. I am hoping for a long weekend trip, so 2-3 days.
Any suggestions? This will be a group of notice to intermediate paddlers, about 6 in total.




Have you posted this @

www.myccr.com ?

No I haven’t yet.

Thanks for the link!

There is a fellow on ccr and also here sometimes named Wapoose. Lives in Winnipeg and knows the area. Maybe he will respond.

the Manigotagan River
from Caribou Landing on Quesnel Lake to hwy304 at the Manigotagan campground is a perfect long weekend trip.It has something for everyone.Rapids,falls,swimming,mostly easy portages,and lots of excellent camping spots.We’ve seen moose,deer,bear,otter and just about every other animal that lives in Manitoba there.You could also check out the paddle manitoba website.


Greetings from a former Winnipeg-born p.net poster! I moved to Ontario at the young age of 8.Don’t miss all the snow you guys get and the really cold winters, but I do remember my early experiences out there watching the Winnipeg Blue Bombers during their football practises next to our house on the air force base on Ness Avenue; the Red River Exhibition, the Assiniboine Zoo,etc.Wouldn’t mind going back some day to paddle there…

locations in manitoba
For any info on paddling in Manitoba, y ou just have to follow this link for Paddle Manitoba.


good stuff
Thanks Doug!

Good short trips . . .
The Manigotagan is a fantastic river trip.

Another good one, if you are less interested in moving water, is the Rice River/Kasakeemeemisikak islands. Go up a logging road on the East of Lake Winnipeg, paddle down the Rice, then explore the islands. If the weather is fair, paddle over to Deer Island. This area is fantastic. Check out John Buchanan’s book “Canoeing Manitoba Rivers: Volume 1 South”.

also some great folks at Wilderness Supply Company. I spend way too much money there. contact me directly for some good trip ideas. We kayak so we try to avoid the portage thing.

I always have extra boats Linda
my wife works at the gym that was the IGA on Ness at Wytewold. We live about 2 blocks from there.

Small world eh Scott?

you an AirForce brat linda?
we could be related.

Ya I was
an air force brat! HAHA!! But for only 8 years of my life.

Big thanks to everyone. Great links and info.

I’m currently waiting for my copy of John Buchanan’s book to arrive at my door.

Peggers and Windsorites
i have no idea why, but i figured there were folks from neither places posting on pnet. i live in Winnipeg and am from Windsor.

so it’s not all Americans on here after all…

That’s a hoot!
What brought you to Winnipeg jbv? And how long have ya lived there?

heck i forgot i posted…
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i came here as one of the opening mgt staff of MEC 4 years ago from TO.

and it’s my last week here; Vancouver Island and paddling 12 months a year, here i come!

Lucky guy!
BC…a paddler’s dream!