Lockable cam-straps

I was just in MEC and saw some fancy new cam-straps. These had steel cable inside, well padded by fabric, and a locking buckle. They are a combination cam strap and cable lock.

Has anyone used these? They seem like a great idea for road trips where boats need to be left on cars unsupervised.

SPT Lockable tiedowns
I put a product review in on them under transport I believe. The are strong, easy to use, secure and a big improvement over straps and the lasso I used to use.

Manufactured in Australia I believe.



Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit bought the original Australian manufacturer and has begun distribution in the US. I think they might be moving production to the US this year. These straps work great.

I saw them in teh Canoecopia flyer
Looked like a good idea.

As has been discussed before on these boards , a dedicated thief can overcome most any deterrent. But if you have these straps AND a cable or two it makes the act more difficult for him. Yhe more stumbling blocks the merrier.


Another deterent
I also paddle a canoe that weighs over 100lbs, and then add skid-plates. I bet if I took the yoke out, it would be very hard for a single individual to steal.