Locking a Canoe: Lasso Lock etc.

I just bought a lasso lock for my Souris Quetico 16’. The two sectios fall about 3 inches short of conecting. I’ll try it on a shorter boat. But I bought 4, 6’ MasterLock cables, played a bit with the loops, and I think it’s going to work fine. I’ll report back when I get it sorted out.

Anyone have any other thoughts on ‘locking’ a canoe??<br />

My Lasso…
When I ain’t rop’in doggies, I lasso my Q 17 via Keeper 2515 Armored Cablehttp://www.kryptonitelock.com/Products/ProductDetail.aspx?cid=1001&scid=1001&pid=1131 on both ends with a standard 15 foot cable between them. I want a 1/2" thick 15 foot cable but so far can only find 3/8".

Locking Straps?
I bought the locking cam straps from MEC, and they are OK, but not great. They have cable in them which I am told can be easily cut with tin snips.

Another way I sometimes use is to put a bicycle U lock around a thwart and the roof rack.

Sling manufacturer
You might check the Yellow Pages for a local company that makes wire slings. They could swage a custom piece just the right length to bridge the gap.

I have always locked my canoes via cables threaded through thwarts and seats, but a thief with a Swiss Army Knife with a saw blade could cut the wood quickly. The Lasso Lock system locking the hull should be more secure.


Ropin’ Queticos
Thanks, that sounds very good. I’ll look into them. I’ll also get back in contact with 'Lasso-Lock" in the hope of getting them to make a me a custom, or even to consider a new and slightly larger line for canoes.


1/2" Cable
Try this place for the half inch cable. I might eve try to get them to design me a custom set up: Two 5’ loops with 7’ tails. Then I could get by with a single lock in the middle.


I make my own Lasso’s
You can buy the coated cable and swages at the hardware store and shrink tube or tape there or at the electrical supply. Put a swage and a piece of shrink tube slightly longer than the swage on the cable, double the cable back to make the desired size loop and crimp the swage with a dull chisel or squeze it in a vise. Cover the swage with the shrink tube or electrical tape.

Good Luck


I use either a 6’ or 20’ Kryptonite

308, like 303 for your kayak
308 , also sells as 7.62 x 51.mm Protects your stuff out to almost 600 meters.

303 is good too but it is kind of old and 303 British is kind of maligned, like NDK.


Don’t take me seriously for heavens sake.

Almost any locking system will do as thieves are opportunists.