locking a kayak to a tree

When shuttling, leaving a boat secured to a tree for a short time seems to work fine for alot of boats. My Dagger doesn’t have anywhere to loop a cable thru except for the seat which can be remove in a matter of minutes with a screwdriver. What other options are there? Drill a hole in the cockpit area high up? Too radical? Any suggestions?

under the seat
No matter what you do, if someone really wants the boat, they are going to take it. Locking it under the seat would slow someone down, which is about the best you can do.

A Pit Bull
should suffice!



Voyager accessories used to offer
a cable loop that you attached through the hull. Supposedley it had to be cut with bolt cutters.

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This is West Marine's overpriced version, but you can find these at Lowes occasionally as well as other marine supply stores.

ETA- Hmm, the link doesn't want to work. Go to West Marine and put "Watertight U-Bolts" search engine and you'll see what you need.

Another easy thing that might help
if your kayak is a bright color, keep an old brown tarp in the boat, and throw it over the boat. This might stop the drive by opportunist thief who spots a brightly colored yak as he is drivng across a bridge.

Vinyl coated cable
Make two hoops that fit the ends of your boat.

Cable Loops
A company is now making what Dave described and it works excellent! I own these cables and they really work.

Just buy them in a bike shop.
They won’t stop a determined theif but will slow down an oportunist.


I own two of this - one for 17’ boat and one for 21’ boat. By looking at the picture, you can easily copy the conept using a heavy gauge, vinyl coated chain from HomeDepot as suggested by others. You will need two locks to form two loops to tie around a tree. If I have to leave my yak on the shore for an extended period of time, I would use the heavy chain instead of my Tieyak.