Locking Glide and Set

I have Thule glide and set racks that are attached to the factory roof racks on my Honda CR-V. I’m wondering if there is a device on the market to lock the glide and set components to my roof rack to prevent theft?

You can lock the bars
and the boat using different methods but usually not the rack components except skis. If you use the cable to lock the boats to a set of locked bars the boat should be safe.

If you are worried about someone steeling the components off your roof you must live around some tough boater gangs;)

I’m just a worrier! Thanks for your reply!


If you have cross bars on your roof, I suggest using a product called Lasso (I use them) to lock your kayak to the cross bars.


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I don’t think there is a lock
and that’s a common complaint. I think you could at least replace the screw knobs with a nut and bolt that would require a tool to remove.

I like to buy used racks and components so if they’re stolen it’s not so heart breaking. I’ve had my Glide n Set on my car for three years now and have never had a problem, but I do worry and I think it is a concern. My car was once vandalized at an isolated launch site—they broke a window.

I think it would be a good idea to carry some foam blocks, two 4’ lengths of pipe insulation, or two pool noodles so you can get your kayak home in case either the rack or the Glide n Set is stolen.

Question? When using the Lasso
Security unit, do you get a lot of wind noise from it while driving down the road?

SPT Lockable Straps
I found the lasso awkward, so I bought a pair of SPT lockable tie down straps:


Steel cables inside, plus a lock. Not cheap, and the lock is fiddly until you get the hang of it, but I don’t worry about leaving the boat on the roof overnight.

Has anyone had a rack stolen?
I really doubt that the stealing of a rack is a likely scenario or someone would have chimed in by now about a horror story.

I do think that the idea of leaving your car in a desserted lot may lead to a broken in car, you have to assume there may be extra equipment in the car, or at least some cold beer waiting for the end of the trip. Even if you are in site of your car, someone could break a window empty the contents of the car before you could get back to shore.

I have an alarm on my car, I figure the sound of the alarm should discorage someone from stealing a second hand rack that won’t be worth much on the crackhead market. However breaking into the car may have something worth the effort if the parking lot is deserted.

There’s no need to drive with the Lasso on the kayak. The lock only needs to go when the rig is unattended - I think the crooks will have a hard time getting the boat off the car while it’s rolling down the freeway…

I replace the wing nuts
with regular nuts so that someone would need a wrench to steal the racks.

Not me
but there was a post about a rack being stolen and then the new replacement rack was also stolen. This rack had locks but that didn’t help. I worry about leaving expensive rack components on the roof but there’s nothing else to do but lock it up and go paddle.

Those SPT straps are not very good, in my opinion.

  1. They are hard to lock, especially when snug.
  2. The cable on mine has started to fray, making for some nasty cuts if I am not careful.
  3. I’ve never had trouble, but have heard they are quite easy to cut with tin-snips or side-cutters, so not really that secure.

    I use mine, but they are not as good as one might hope. I would not buy them again, bur rather use rope or straps and then a couple of bike locks rigged in the manner of the Lasso cable.