Locking Kayak to Yakima Roof Rack

Our family will be travelling for a week or so with our kayaks on Yakima racks on the Suburban. Wed appreciate suggestions as to how to best lock/secure the kayaks while were hiking, exploring towns, eating, etc. Many thanks.

Lasso Security Cables
I personally haven’t tried them, but in past questions related to kayak security, people always seem to recommend them. Hopefully some others will offer their opinions on them…


SPT Lockable straps
Just saw these at REI the other day. I’m considering buying a set. At $85 bucks they are expensive, but they would make locking my kayak to my roof rack save and convenient. They certainly cost less then a new kayak or insurance deductible would.

Here’s a link to them at REI’s site: http://www.rei.com/product/758566

Tie Yak

We’ve used these for years.

Remember such measures DISCOURAGE theft. They only prevent theft by taking longer to get through than simple straps or lines.

Lasso locks
Been using them for years. Always put a few loops around the roof rack too. They’re heavy duty and would be extremely difficult to cut through.


I use one of those plastic coated
dog run cables that you an get real cheap at Wally World.

I cut the metal clips off the ends and than use a pad lock to connect the loops after I thread it around the bars and around a part of the boats. I keep two of them. One is about 30 feet long and I use that for the two boats and two bikes.

The other is 20 feet and I just use that for the boats.

A crook can cut through them, but it will dicourage any vandals that might be tempted.

I keep an extra key in the glove compartment, just in case.



Lasso, Other
The Lasso brand cables are great as they are boat specific although they can be a little pricey. Lowe’s has an assortment of Master Lock brand locking cable products that can be adapted pretty well. If you go with Lasso, check www.orsracksdirect.com first as they seem to have the best prices on that type stuff plus shipping is usually free.

Sea Kayaker Magazine
The August, 2007 issue of Sea Kayaker Magazine (on newsstands NOW!) has a review of several such locking devices: “Locking Cables and Straps for Kayaks by Lasso Security Cables, Steelcore, SPT, and Master Lock.”

Bicycle locking cable for locking kayaks
Bicycle locking cables have been an economical solution for us. We just run the cable through the seat mount of the sit-in kayak and down around the car rack (lengthwise section). (Since we have to open the doors to reach into the kayak, it would be difficult for thieves to get to the mounts inside the 'yak.) For the sit-on-top, we run the cable through a scupper hole. Make sure the locking head cylinder will fit through the hole before you buy it; also that the length of cable will be sufficient to loop through both the boat and the roof rack.