Seen discussions for locking kayaks/canoes to roof top carries.

We frequently take weekend trips mostly to theme parks and stay overnight at hotels (big properties, multi stories, no parking outside of rooms, but our passes don’t work for the summer, so now I’d like to start taking the kayaks with me and go on day trips in those locations instead of locally around the house.

Does anyone have ideas or advice for securing a kayak or kayaks to a pickup with a bed extender?

I have two sit-ins I use the most and also a SOT.

I’ve got a couple of ideas and may have to tinker/experiment, but I’d rather not go re-inventing the wheel if someone else has done it successfully.

One drawback is that the entire bed extender can be removed by pulling a clip and pin. For an extended trip I can bolt it to the receiver hitch with self locking nuts.

I’m looking more for ideas on securing the yaks to the extender and or vehicle.


Maybe the lasso
I use a lasso security cable to keep my kayak on the rack. I wrap the excess around the load bars so there is very little play. Maybe there is a way you can wind it around a tie down in the bed of your truck. My 2008 silverado has large loops in each corner of the bed that it would fit through but have never tried it as I don’t use if for kayak hauling.



do like home depot
get a long vinyl covered steel cable and run it through a hatch/hull (SOT)/seat supports/thwarts (some part of the hull that can’t be cut or pulled off easily) then around the rack/bed/hitch (some solid part of the vehicle).

You kinda want it visible as it’s more deterrent than true anti-theft cause if they want your boats bad enogh they cna always take the whole car, cut the cable, etc.

Securing Kayaks
1. There are lockable pin/clips for your extender. Even Walmart has them.

2. For your SOT, if it has scupper holes, just run a cable or chain thru one and lock it to the truck bed or extender. You can do the same by running it behind the seat of a SinK.

3. Of course, if anyone really wants your boat, they’ll get it. Locks are for keeping good people from doing dumb things. That said, if you haven’t already done so, get Homeowners Insurance. It’s dirt cheap and will cover your kayak.


Try U bolts
Like it’s been said, you can get locking pins for your trailor hitch, and the SOT just go through the scupper holes. I have also seen people drill two small holes somewhere (usually behind the cockpit) and put in a U bolt, putting something to seal the holesin between of course, and then locking the cable to the curve of the bolt sticking out.