Locking point install

Who’s installed a locking bar or non-tamper bar on their kayak?
My Stratos came with one from the factory, but my new Baffin P3 doesn’t have one.
I use it when road tripping/camping, lasso lock the yak ti the roof racks.

What did you use?

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I recall seeing “The Club” used in the past to create a locking bar the length of the cockpit.

I’ve been thinking about putting one of those inside my day hatch or the front hatch, if it will fit. I think the cockpit opening would be too big for it to work on my Tsunami.

I use these:

Universal Kayak Locking Cable | Kayak Theft Prevention | Suspenz

No modification to the kayak is needed. I find a padlock like this works best for locking to the roof rack when using this method:

Master Lock 517D Laminated Padlock with Long Shackle - Pad Lock - Amazon.com

Kayaks are pretty big and awkward to steal, so I actually am not that worried about theft. And I am sure this does not protect form a determined and well planned theft. I don’t use it very often, just on the odd occasion when we are leaving our kayaks sitting on a dock, or near a launch unattended. Or on long road trips when the kayaks will be left on the roof overnight at a motel. The dock situation is more of a concern to me, actually.

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It’s not just roof rack locking… also for locking up when camping and leaving the site. I have a lasso lock already, just need to mount a low-profile bar somewhere like this:

For my sit inside boats without a lock point I added a drain plug close to the cockpit. To lock. I take the plug out and run my lock cable thru the drain and the cockpit. It was a $3 mod that works great.


A Lasso lock, in addition to a roof rack, can easily go around a tree or picnic table at a camp site.

If adding hardware to a boat to secure it be sure not to use just screws or bolts that are easily removed. I recommend some sort of stainless pad eye attached with stainless rivets with backing washers. Be aware that setting larger diameter stainless rivets can require a heavy duty rivet setter. Then, a standard security cable or a chain can be used. Cables are generally somewhat harder to cut than chain.

I use these with rivets.