locking SUP to roof racks

I have a california Titus 9’ SUP. I am looking to lock it to my roof racks somehow. Are there specific roof racks that lock like ski racks? Can I drill a hole and fill with a marine epoxy and used that for a cable lock? Suggestions?

The best way that I’ve found to lock is to use the fin box. There are commercially made locks (google fin box lock) or make your own (https://surfing-waves.com/howto/surfboard_lock.htm). When used with a good cable, they work very well, with no holes necessary. They aren’t foolproof, but they are pretty secure, and someone would have to work a bit to get it off. I use one with a locking Inno SUP rack I got off of Craigslist that fits on my Thule rack. Between the two, my board’s not going anywhere fast.

I have added vinyl pads with “D” rings to ours glued down with G-flex epoxy, (for attaching bungee cords for holding down our water bottles, GPS units and other stuff), and they would make a perfect attachment point(s) for a cable,

Who steals a SUP?

Make it ugly and/or really noticeable. Paint it camo. Paint it fluorescent orange. Take it somewhere with gravel and scratch the hell out of it to the point that no one in their right mind would want to steal it.

@Sparky961 said:
Who steals a SUP?
Unfortunately, quite a few people, especially nice SUPs. Their boom in popularity over the last few years have made them quite appealing, and since there’s really no registration database and nobody would be checking anyway, the chance of getting one back is slim to none. I worked for a while in a store in a big city and on multiple occasions we had people coming in to buy SUPs to replace their one’s that were stolen.

Second the fin box lock. They won’t keep a determined thief from stealing your board but most SUP thefts are crimes of opportunity, make it hard for them to steal it. I also wrap a padded bike cable lock around the rack and the board on both racks, it makes it quite difficult to get the board off without cutting the cables. When you look for a fin box lock look for one that is metal, I recently saw a real sturdy one with a stainless steel cube for the lock. Pad the lock so it does not vibrate against your board while driving , you can easily wear nasty dings in the boards.