Hey everyone. My friends and I are going to canoe the Erie Canal this summer, so I am trying to get everything figured out now so that there are no surprises. I think that we have most of the things figured out, but I have a question about the locks. If anyone has canoed or kayaked here, how do you lock through? I have heard of both radioing and calling the lock attendants. What kind of radio do I need to do this? Can I just use a cell phone? I have two way radios, is there just a certain channel that I need to switch to? Thanks a lot for any help. I am really excited as this is my first real canoe trip, so I want to make sure that it actually happens without something stupid happen like not being able to get the lock attendant’s attention. Thanks again.


Contact Kayakguy
via his website. He paddled and camped the entire length of the canal in 2006.


Cheers and have a greta trip,


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Erie Canal
I was in Lockport last year and looked into doing paddling the canal as well. There are a few good blogs on this particular trip. NYS canal authority will send a packet with all of the rules and regulations if you request it.It was packed with info. BTW the reg’s state a VHF radio is to be used to signal Lock operator. How far are you planning to go?

Thanks for the help so far. I have emailed kayakguy. We are planning on doing the whole canal, stopping to do some rockclimbing at Little Falls. I got the packet of regulations, I guess that I will have to take a closer look. Are there any other requirements to do the canal that you know of? Do I need to register my canoe somehow? Sorry for the rookie questions, and thanks for the help.


No registration needed for paddle boat
Yet anyway, in NYS. The only things that are kinda like that are water bodies that only allow specific craft, but that’s just a few reservoirs. There may be certain locks that are more congested so you need to plan the time that you hit them in order to make you next campsite as planned, but kayakguy can help with that.

What you need to know is in link below