lodging at Big Bend Country

Has anyone stayed at Terlingua Ranch Lodge? I am hoping to go to the BB Country sometime between spring & summer.

Gage Hotel
I have taken 2 trips to the Big Bend area. If I stayed at Terlingua Ranch either time (and it’s possible), I don’t recall it particularly one way or the other, BUT I have to recommend the Gage Hotel on your way into or out of the park in Marathon. It is a WONDERFUL place to splurge a little and the food at their restaurant is divine! We basically roughed it while in the park for the most part, but indulged ourselves at the Gage. Just thought I’d offer that as an idea - it’s such a long drive that Marathon makes a pretty good stopping point going into/out of the area. Although you can spend a lifetime exploring that area, I also have to say that the Davis Mts are also spectacular if you have time to extend your trip up towards Alpine. I have many fond memories from my trips out there. Have fun!

Not their lodge, but their campground

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In December 1995, the National Parks closed due to budget crisis. Instead of camping inside Big Bend NP as planned, I camped at Terlingua Ranch's campground. It's basically a dirt parking lot with a teepee on the side, but it was open, cost only $3 a night, and included hot showers. Also, it was a short walk to their pretty good restaurant. Friendly people. They had some cabins that were a reasonable fee (about $30 a night back then). Don't know anything about the lodge itself other than that people were staying there. They throw a good New Year's Eve party with live music and a potluck dinner (yes, people live around there).

Customers had access to all jeep trails (MANY miles) unless they were marked with "No trespassing" or otherwise closed off.

The facility includes a private airfield.

Have a great trip. It's beautiful, rugged country. But it will be super HOT between spring and summer. It has never failed to reach to at least 100 deg. when I've gone in spring (several visits in March and April). It gets so hot that the main developed campground at Rio Grande Village is shut down from June through late summer or early fall.

You may want to reserve a few nights' stay within the park itself, at Chisos Basin. They have several lodging options, including stone cabins. This would be the best base for hot-weather hikes, as the Chisos Basin sits higher than the desert or river sections of the park.

thanks for info
The Gage sounds very good will put it on the agenda. This is still in the planning stages.I will be driving west from San Antonio (I live in far northeast TX) and will make a side trip to the Devils River Area, then on to BB and Davis Mountains. I will be gone about a week and will be taking my dog. Mostly roughing it as well, but wanted a room for a couple days so the dog would have a place to stay when I want to venture off without her. I realize it gets really hot there. Obligations; I work with animal rescues; kept me from going at Christmas break and I really hate to wait another year to go, so spring break (I teach)will be my next chance. I’ve been wanting to see Devils River for a while and it’s too close not to go on to BB country.

March and early April can be
delightful times to be in the park. The cacti is blooming as well as other desert plants. This year should be good. March can be a bit strange as far as weather. Could be 100 or 40 degrees. Typical Texas spring weather. More likely, it’ll be in the 80’s in both March and April.

For the best info on BBNP try:

A friendly bunch who know everything about the park.