Lodging options on the Buffalo River

Hi, can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive place to stay on the Buffalo River? Perhaps a rental cabin or bunkhouse of some sort. Preferably on the upper stretch between Ponca and Kyle’s Landing.


Have you checked VRBO?

There are a few inexpensive hotels in Jasper. Look on Expedia or one of the other hotel sites. There are cabins along the river, not too many and I never seen them advertised for rent though.

A number of the Ozark Spring Rendezvous paddlers were staying at Dogwood… something. I think it is Dogwood Springs Campground, or some combination of words like that. We just called it “Dogwood.” I stopped by there and the small cabins seemed nice enough.

We have just been planing our first trip to the area. I could not find any cabin, or similar, actually on the Buffalo to stay. Its all National Park. We just reserved a nice cabin right on the White river through VRBO. We can launch right from the cabin, and there is pick up shuttle service. We will of course paddle the Buffalo through a shuttle service also

Bring your tent and camp on the river.