Logging our trips

Logging our trips:

We have iPhones. Do any of you use an app to keep track of your trips. We can easily create a spreadsheet. Just want to keep track of date, place, distance and time out. (Unless there are other things we should be tracking)

Best app - or what do you use?

Recreational, fair weather yakking only.

Track the river height
I have a book for all rivers in my state and I use to write all that in the columns and the height as reported on the nearest USGS gauge.

On smaller streams river depth completely changes the character of the river.

No help for tracking but my favorite app is MyRadar, live Doppler weather radar anywhere in the US

I use MapMyFitness. They have a “kayak mode”. It maps your progress and gives you splits.

Which GPS do you have?
Your other thread states you carry a small GPS. You can download data from the GPS to your computer.

I use a Garmin Forerunner 310XT which wirelessly transfers location, time, speed, distance, heart rate, average and max MPH, temp, and wind speed to Garmin Connect, which brings up a map showing the route and the stats. The wind speed isn’t accurate because it’s measured at the nearest airport, but other than that, it’s pretty cool.

Trek 10
Minimal GPS - all I am “probably” going to record is date, weather, time and km traveled - not a really big deal.

But, we have used “Base Camp” for downloading.

Take photos