Loki Searacer

Loki has a new boat out. They say it’s the fastest sea kayak ever. As an option there is a “variable aspect ratio” understern rudder. Sounds complicated but I think it means it just retracts vertically into the hull. As you raised it into the hull the aspect ratio would decrease. That’s the only way I can think of how it would work. Could be good if its reliable. Retract it for beach landings or to dislodge some weed or sticks. The rudder would stay in the water when running in big seas which would be a big plus too. Unlike stern mounted systems.


Looks a little bit like a Fenn would
look if you enclosed the cockpit and pounded on it with an ugly stick for a while.

Might be able to swap blades easy…
Got Kelp ?

Why “Loki”?
If I remember my Norse mythology correctly, Loki is this somewhat evil “trickster” god who eventually brings down the fall of Valhalla and the twilight of the gods. Not really a happy association.

Oh, the boat looks reasonably fast, if somewhat ugly. Probabably comparable with something like the EFT or maybe the Thunderbolt. A racing surfski would be faster and more fun.


With those dimensions,
it would have to go in the Unlimited Class in most races and would probably be at a disadvantage against T-bolts 1.5 feet longer and close to 2 inches narrower. What’s the deal with the cockpit pic, set-up looks a bit archaic with that backband and cut out hip pads and seat.


"Loki " means freedom in a…
North American Indian language… sorry I so not know which one… memory only kept the Loki = part intact.

If you are looking for a really
professsional opinion on the Loki-suggest you contact Bruce Gipson @ Venture Sport.

is bruce selling them?
i’ll check his site to see. he has some very cool south african stuff right now. i wish i had the money for the fjord double.


plunge bow
I am wondering how a plunge bow will fare in less than flat water, and just how “secure” the rating is for primary and secondary stability is with a 20" width.

Of course this boat is going to be sought by more experienced folks who understand any specialty boat is just that, good at some things not others. So it might just be really fast fun boat for certain conditions. Just would not want someone to think, OK this boat does it all or the boat will by itself out run all my club mates, etc.

They do admit that in the description, probably meant to be taken as a warning. They have a 17-footer of visually similar design with a less radical length/beam ratio. There’s been an ad for it in SK for at least a few months now.


Wonder how that one performs.


Looks nice

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Yes, it looks nice. However, with those dimensions, the boat will be placed in the unlimited cetegory in most races. At equal paddler, that boat does not stand any chance against any of the top surfskis
At water line, they are longer and narrower. For instance, a Mako (even with a heavy paddler) is only 14 inches wide, and the length does not change that much.

Look how much narrow a truly racing boat is at WL, in this particular case way less than 14 inches:

From a racing point of wiew, why someone would spend $4000 in a Loki when with that money, that personal can buy two surfskis, one vacuum bagged (for racing) and another in glass (for training)

Without forgetting that for the same money, of course, that personal will truly have the fastest open water paddle craft.


PS I was forgetting, a ski vacuum bagged weight only 23.5 pounds, almost 1/2 the weight than the Loki lightest version.

Touring Class
It looks like the dimensions of the Searacer are less than 20’ overall length & greater than 18" at the 4" waterline width, which would put it in the USCA Touring class (not Unlimited) to compete with EFTs and Gliders, not Thunderbolts.

I stand corrected,
you are right, I saw the 17.25 waterline beam and didn’t notice the 4 inch measurement just above 18", so it would match up against the EFT’s then, definately more competitive now.


Looks like it has a fair bit of rocker
forward, which is the same basic idea as the Fenn surfskis. They’re designed to go fast in rough water. It’s kind of fun to watch that bow torpedo into the back of a wave and then slide back onto the surface and take off.

good grief! i hadn’t noticed the price of that boat. for $4000 they ought to come paddle it for you. if you hunted around a bit, you could get a nice new ICF K1 from kayakPro, an excellent used surfski and a used fast SK for that much money.