Long car shuttle question

You are returning to the put in from a long car shuttle. Your friends are at the other end with the canoes and several days worth of provisions. An epic river adventure awaits you.

You are on a small 2 lane road with no passing signs .You come upon a bicyclist climbing a long hill.

Do you stay behind this bicycle or break the law and pass?

Click here for picture:


That …
That…is a great photo!

I’d have to abide by the law; till I couldn’t stand it anymore. Might take a while; I’m a glutton for punishment.


I would STOP
and offer her the high-paying position of bow-paddler on my ‘solo’ expedition (can always find new friends).

"That girl paddle ass all over net!"
I saw her in two other jokes just hours ago! And I still can not stop looking. Even though I’m getting “THOSE LOOKS” for doing so. :^)


The only thing to do…
…is to roll down your window and politely say,

“Pardon me, miss, but we need to get by but we

are afraid to pass you on this narrow road. Can

we give you a lift?”

Once inside you can ask her her name, phone number, but I would refrain from telling you how

your skirt got blown off the day you got spanked by the French Broad.

Made me look!
to see if my hands as clean.