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I am planning a very long trip in a year, I am embarking on a kayak trip from Santa Barbara CA down the coast to the tip of South America and back. I have a friend who is a personal trainer and helping me out that way. But I am wondering if there is a good way going about getting sponsorship? I have asked a few companies and they all give me the same answer, “we are not giving sponsorship for that activity at this time”

Any suggestions?

Any cause?
Usually sponsorship is easier if you fit one of two criteria. You are already known f0r well regarded expeditions in that area (sounds like you can forget that one) or you have a solid relationship with a cause that your trip will in some way advance awareness of or funding for. If you are just asking to be sponsored because you personally want to take a cool trip, that is not likely.

From what you have provided here, there isn’t a good reason for anyone to sponsor you.

what was your pitch?
If you have a hope of free gear you at least need a good expedition resume and something to offer them in return.

The other route is as Celia said to find a cause and exploit that as a way to get companies to give you free gear.

Ask Freya Hoffmeister for advice. It took her a year to do 10000 miles around Australia. It’s closer to 20,000 to Tierra del Fuego and back.

What is your motive?

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there are news reports:

Wanda Head Paddling To Inner Mongolia For Venereal Disease

report goes on to say Wanda will be harboring at the Ritz Carlton this Saturday if you have a moment to stop by for a donation.

??? Ask the reporter. Find with a Google News search.

There are websites giving advice and crowdfunding.

To be a winner, need a geographically related or equipment related niche connection in new ground or water.

Freya reps her image chain franchise ( I assume) in Yurp.

I tried raising a very small amount as a loan of money or recording equipment for as it is, successful and relevant research in biology…with but a few apologies for the effort.

I am pilloried for the effort as there is ‘competition’ largely delusional but well represented.

Freya is a successful example of singularity. Reflect on this.

some ideas

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As for getting material items out of the trip, there are other ways to go besides sponsorship.

1.You could have yourself photographed in exotic locales using gear, and then contact the company that makes the gear and ask if they want to buy the rights to the photos.
2.You could write a book.
3. You could do something worthwhile. I don't know what that might be, but if your trip accomplished more than simply traveling from one point to another, that would be a start. Maybe you could drop little electronic devices in the water at certain points to measure currents for a climatologist. Maybe you could record sightings/take samples for a biologist. Maybe you could make worthwhile contributions to the lives of people in South America. Who knows. You could tie this in with writing a book.
Good luck

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Have you considered how dangerous the areas you intend paddling through are?

Have a look at the blog from Freya’s trip at http://freyahoffmeister.com/expeditions/south-america/sa-trip-reports/

In some areas she was supported by the Navy who tailed her while paddling and then she slept on board due to the risk of being attacked. I think it may have been a condition for her to get a visa to paddle through those waters.

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which blog ?

We scanned her sponsors…

Ask yourself-- Why should they give you something?

Best to have a name in the paddling world, have a big trip under your belt etc. You can find companies that will give to newbies but you gotta pound the ground and start writing letters etc to them.

Is is worth it?

Not sure a “personal trainer” is going to get you to S. America and back, they usually have ZERO knowledge of camping, kayking, reading weather, reading tide charts and dead reconning, first aid, self rescue, dealing with drug smugglers, overcoming dehydration and illness, etc etc…the list goes on. Ive done some long paddle trips including 6-month solo and never once did I “train” in a gym. Learn the basics of the list above of potential situations etc. Maybe paddle up the coast to Oregon first and see how that goes.

Good luck.



If you have enough money to be away from earning a living you should sponsor yourself at least the fist time out. Have you ever done any long expeditions? If so how long? What is in it for the sponsor?

Goggle News sported a kayak promo trip from Cuba to Florida …no tow ropes…searchable off course