Long Foot Rails?

Curious, does anyone know if Werner/Yakima foot pegs come in a longer rail size than the typical 16" rail?

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They used to…
I got some about 8 years ago. The Yakimas that is.

This doesn’t avoid drilling holes
but you could simply butt a new section of rail forward of the existing ones.

My long “Yakima” slides are 26"…BUT

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First of all I do not know if they are still made this long. I got mine from old shop stock From Verlen Kruger many years ago.

Secondly they were not and are not made by Yakima. Yakima sold the rights to another company 15(?) years ago.

My tracks are 16" long, but do come shorter.

My short slides are 18", but also come shorter (12' and 9" I think).

I use my 26" slides in the 16" tracks in a solo/tandem setup where the extra length is needed to allow me to move forward enough for a second paddler to sit behind. I leave dual foot peddles on the slides which also provides for quick chance of leg position and thus quick muscle stiffness relief during use.

BUT there is a compromise in that such long sliding sections tend to poke into dry bags and can easily damage them.

If your "local" dealer can not get the tracks and long slides for you call Yakima to find out just who does make them. I called some time back, but have forgotten just who makes them now. ... OOPS! You are the local dealer! Dah! Well, I'll leave it as may help someone else. See ya!

Hope this is of help. More questions? Just post or e-mail me.



Ah Ha! Progress
Found out that there are currently two standard lengths sized for the typical 14" hole spread. 14.5" & 17" rails. Also looking into having some longer custom ones made but we’ll see what happens there.

An interesting point that was made to me was that going with a longer straight metal rail being bolted into a curvy hull is that you either torque the hull or loose contact strength if you shim the rail. Shimming still works but after it’s bolted in place the void between the rail and the hull needs to be filled with an epoxy or other substance that’ll provide strength for contact.

If anyone want’s a picture of the longer rails email me and I’ll zap out a picture of the rails side by side.

Oh, Mint, good idea but that curvy hull thing would derail or jam the foot peg.

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Have to countersink the holes in the
rails because the nuts would serve as stoppers.