Long Island NY Clubs

In search of an active, safety-conscious kayak club on Long Island, NY. I’m on the Western end of the fish, but willing to drive. The club I thought I “found” at the end of last season appears to be very casual, more of a meet-up than a formal organization with a schedule of events. I have a list of clubs courtesy of the inter web; difficult to know how active and friendly they are. I’d prefer to have a recommendation from someone actually in one of the clubs.

I moved out of Suffolk about 10 years ago. I found the rental locations to have good community presence, demo days and guided tours. Try REI, I think Eastern Montain sports moved. Peconic paddler was great to work with. One of the club’s got caught up in politics more than paddles so may want to check the personalities as well. Lots of great places to go in both counties. Rivers, bay, sound, ocean, freshwater or salt. Enjoy.

Group on FB

Look for them if they’re still going as a group. SCA Experienced safety conscience group.

Thank you. I went looking for SCA last year and got the sense that they weren’t really active anymore. At least not on many of the social media channels. I’m not a huge Facebook user; I created an account for my work and I have found it to be nothing but a cesspool! So I’m reluctant to join for personal reasons.

And my posting is moot for the time being. I had a pretty bad crash on a bicycle yesterday and dislocated my shoulder so I don’t think I will be paddling, looking for clubs or even picking up my unicorn long legged person kayak.

You need not be on FB to join SCA. It was contact point. When you’re ready contact Chris for their schedule on outings.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I’ve been biking a lot this winter and spring. I just do roads but like to go fast.

Had a Schwinn WORLD SPORT for 42 years. Hanging for 40 years. Restoration going on it now. Oiled chain pumped tires and took off on it. Bought a new Trek Domane which is nice. Good thing is if I want to exercise I’m out the door in 5 minutes unlike the kayak with all the prep.

Hopefully in early fall I’ll have a Madone.

Thanks. Found out his afternoon my season is done. 4-6 months of rehab. The best I’ll be able to do is walk while the shoulder heals. I had a list of paddles and lessons I wanted to accomplish. Really sux.

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Kayaking is a lot safer :wink:

SCA doesn’t usually post up most things they do so they don’t get a bunch of newbies. Probably only 25 people in the group.