Long Lake, NY canoe transport

I’m looking for information on how I might be able to get my canoe transported from the Long Lake Marina to Buck Mountain Point on Long Lake. I think its about eight miles and I won’t be able to paddle it myself, so I’m hoping to find some help. It’s a Kevlar canoe with wood gunwales. The Long Lake marina charges more than I can afford to pay so that option is out. Does anyone know the area well and have suggestions? :slight_smile: Thanks!

did you ask on the Adirondack Forum
might be a local who could help


Check with Macs Canoe Livery on…
Lake Clear.

He might be able to help you out.

jack L

another option

another option
St Regis Canoe in Saranac Lake. Canoeoutfitters.com

I’ve used Raquette River Outfitters (518-359-3228).