Long legs - do foot bags help?

I’m tall and I bought the best fitting boat I could (and could afford!), but the foot pegs still make me feel a little cramped, even extended as far as possible. I was looking at the Liquid Logic inflatable foot bags, and another one by Jackson Kayak, and was wondering if anyone has used them? Can I take out the foot pegs and put the bag in to give myself more leg room, yet still be able to brace my feet? I thought of making something myself, but if it already exists, why not? Any advice on footbags or any other ideas?

Many paddlers remove the footpegs and install foam on the forward bulkhead to make a more comfortable footrest.

The problem with a bag…
…is that if you push only on one side (common while paddling), the air just moves to the other side and you get no support or control. This is the same reason that inflatable seats are a bad idea.

Did this and love it. Not really an option if you have a rudder though…