Long, Narrow Dry Bags?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good source (online or other) of long, narrow dry storage bags?

Tapered or long and skinny?
Not sure what shape you mean. But a number of places have tapered ones if you look under that description.

Sierra Trading Post





Baja Bags



Seattle Sports


has some Sealline tapered bags that may work for you.

long/narrow flat

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Sealine used to make some,,don't know who does now.
They aren't big but they're perfect for the corners next to a round bag or above/below two adjacent round bags. Roughly 9"x26" flat, when filled it's roughly 4"x6"x20", haven't seen them in a while but they're great for stuffing around the stiff vinyl bags.

these aren't what I'm thinking of but fit the description



the 9.5"x38 in vinyl will work if you have nylon bags next to it, it's hard to slide two vinyl bags next to each other

Long and Skinny

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I'm really looking for more of a long and skinny (uniform width all the way down) as opposed to a tapered bag.

I'm looking for a couple of bags to put a large sleeping pad and a sleeping bag in (one bag for each). Currently my sleeping bag fits into a compression bag but has to be doubled over to fit as the bag is shorter and fatter. I then have to shove it through the hatch and it blocks access to other things in the compartment. I was thinking if I went with each item in it's own long skinny bag, I could push them to either side and leave the middle open for better access.

Thanks for the leads. I have been to a few of the sites mentioned. So far, the NRS (size XL) bag looks to be the best bet for my intended use.


Among my favorites

Also check their closeout section. I have benefited

greatly from Gaia’s online sales.

Do not buy NRS newer bags
We are sending three of them back.

In just a short time, all three of them have many small cracks along the seams.



Thanks for the tip…
that was one of the ones I was looking at. There are several others available online that appear to be indentical. I wonder if they are all made by the same company?

like those
the ones I got from REI were like that but longer.

Check out WX-tex dry bags from
Pacific Outdoors. Inovated company who I believe gets their technology ripped off by Thermarest/Cascade Designs often. WX-tex has a bunch of long, narrow bags in their offerings, with many different weights of materials, and many have purge valves to bleed-off the trapped air left in the bags after stuffing. Great company and great quality gear. I sell 'em both and prefer a lot of their styles/materials over Cascade Designs dry bags. Worth a look if you can find a dealer selling them!

Absolutely WxTex
They are my FAVORITE bags. I put the sleeping bags in, compress them down and let out the air with the handy valve. REI Outlet has them on sale, I bought a ton-load.


that shape and material
but intstead of rectangular bags longer ones. Like the 5liter width sized bag but make it twice as long. Those are the kinds you can fit into compartments around the bigger and longer 6"-9" diameter bags.

Check out the compression bags Exped makes. Large size is 26"x11" and it compresses the long way, so you get a narrow long bag instead of a short fat one.

I wish someone would make
a drybag long enough and narrow enough to keep a kayak cart (minus wheels) dry. If I had one, I could take my kayak cart anywhere. Instead, I have to lock it up or hide it in a bush (I’m not telling which bush).

Valley sea kayaks makes long thin bags to fit through their 7" hatches. Try Great River Outfitters. I know the old GRO used to stock them. I haven’t seen them in the new GRO’s catalog but they must have them.

Make your own
Heat-sealable nylon from Seattle Fabrics. They’ll give you a copy of the Sea Kayaker instructions if you ask. Then you can make just the shape you want. My last was an oversize case for storing charts, tide tables, etc.

long enough and thin enough
to slide the frame of a kayak cart (minus the wheels) inside?