Long term drytop care

I use a Kokotat Tropos drytop for saltwater fishing in the winter, and have used it 6-8 times this year. Other than a freshwater spray down after each use, I have done nothing to it. What do I need to do to keep the gaskets in good shape, and keep the fabric waterproof? Is there any spray or something I should be using? How often?

Thanks for any info, I appreciate it.

303 for the gaskets
but nothing for the jacket. i don’t even give mine a fresh water rinse but for a couple times a year. just dry it out. truth is, your paddling jacket probably sees much less use than your jeans, and it takes a long time for the fabric to degrade from a bit of salt water. 303 a few times a year, and your good. alternatives to 303 are McNett UV protector.

Also best to keep them on a wood hanger and in the dark when you’re not using them. UV is tough on the gaskets (latex) and that can come from flourescent lights as well as sunlight.

Bill H.

Don’t use plastic hangers
Plastic hangers outgas and the fumes eat neck gaskets.

I store my drytop and neoprene items
on fabric covered, padded hangers. Keeps from getting a hard line on your materials.

For my hydroskin pants, I place them on the hanger and cinch the drawstring.

Works for me.

fastidious and persnickety!
wow, i feel like a slob here- i keep all my paddling tops, bottoms, suit, pfds, boots, bags, helmets and sundry tossed into one of 3 paddling gear bags. once dry they get unceremoniously tossed back until next time and they do fine.

major slob here

hang to dry then shoved back into the bag for tomorrow

So I guess
That big plastic storage bin is eating my drysuit alive?

I dry it off and pack it all back up in a big duffel bag. That way it’s all ready to go next time. No worrying that I’ve forgotten my skirt, or gloves, etc.

Plastic outgassing?
I never thought much about that. Most of my gear gets rinsed and dried, but then gets placed in Rubber Maid storage tubs for the next day out. Anyone see any problem with this?

I use nylon duffels for all the gear, breathes better than any plastic tub. Except for the dry suit/tops etc. they go in a closet that has no light, stay in the dark until needed next time.

Bill H.