Long-Term opinions of Looksha Sport

I’ve read the reviews in the product reviews section, but I’d like to hear some opinions of people that have had the boat for some time. Any one out there?

Kinda curious to see if the opinion of the boat changes with time and experience.


Steve G.

I have a Looksha Sport
This is my second season with it. I have adjusted to it’s initial tippy nature and only use the rudder in wind or on long lake crossings. It is only limited on capacity for touring a few days. It handles up to Class III WW and turns pretty good for a 14’4" kayak. It also will take a lot of abuse…great for plowing over logs or beaver dams. It is a little heavy when packed for portaging, so I built a small wheeled carriage to get it around without unloading it. I pack everything seperately to use all of the available space in the boat. The front is water tight and the back only gets dribbles from where the cable passes through the hull. Air seat is nice to. Still can’t roll it, but that is me…not the kayak. I have had it in a brace where both hard chines are visible…nice picture of it my son took.

I’ve had one for 3 or 4 years

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and I can tell you I still enjoy paddling it. It's not fast but it is very manoeverable which is more important to me than speed. I use it mostly in fairly open water (Long Island Sound or the Hudson River) and have never had a problem with it. Having said that, I am looking for another boat that would be better suited for more open water. By the way, I'm 5'9" and 215lb.---Rich

P.S. Don't bother with a rudder. I've never used mine.
P.P.S. There is no way I would take this boat in a WW situation (class III ????). It is not meant for it and there could be some very nasty consequences. The boat is manoeverable but not that manoeverable.

I’ve hardly used mine, and don’t intend
to run it “up to class 3” because it can’t handle the eddy turning chores necessary for running (rather than just flushing down) class 2 and 3. But I value the turning capability of the Looksha Sport, because one of my uses for the boat will be cruising in and out of small lake inlets.

Thanks for the info folks. Demo’d and purchased one of these prior to fully researching it online. I was surprised by the large number of seemingly negative reviews of the boat, but I figured they might be initial impressions and not long term owners.

I’m 5’9 and 215 myself, the boat fits fine. I initially was looking at a Current Designs Sirocco and a WS Tempest 170, but decided on the Looksha Sport as all I wanted was a day tour boat. I’ve used this dealer in the past (Ruth Nye at Hood River Outfitters) and she suggested the Necky instead saying that I would have more fun in it considering my (limited) WW background. She had the other boats in stock as well. As others have noticed, for me it seems to largely lack initial stability, but I really like that I can edge this boat and get the combing in the water and still feel rock solid up on that edge.

So if I find I want to get beyond day touring, I’ll go back to looking at the 17 foot boats and seriously think composite as well. For now, the Looksha Sport fits the bill.

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