Long term storage question

I just got a new shed, long enough to hold my kayaks. But of course, they aren’t the only things going in. I am looking into hanging the 2 kayaks (12’ pungo, 13.5’ Pamlico Tandem) on the wall.

I’ve seen lots of kayak hangers that are pretty similar to 1" wide tie-downs. Anyone just use these, with a hook or eye on the wall?

Is there any worry about boat deformation hanging them on their sides over winter (NY, so it gets below freezing most winter long)?

Any advice? I’m looking to keep this cheap, since I am already over budget on the shed…

Thanks for any help.

Pool Noodle
Mr. Wilsoj2 suggested to me that I try using a pool noodle. Pass a rope throught the pool noodle and hang up - make a great pad. My boats are either supported by 2" wide webbing cris-crossing the hull or via the pool noodle method. These are garaged stored in NY. There are both RM plastic and fiberglass models. No problems yet and its been several winters (except for the pool noodle).


It’s exactly what we use to store our kayaks, although we augment them with those j-shaped ladder brackets padded with pipe insulation. We just set the yaks on the backets on their sides and loop the straps around them at the bulkheads. No problem with deformation. Two are in the garage and two are in a shed.

Thank you both for the advice. 1" webbing with pipe insulation is most likely how I’ll go. Though rope sounds enticing since it is easier to attach with a few eye splices…

Ladder brackets
I’ve used these for a bit and like them a lot, covered with a foam pool noodle. Here’s a link to the photos, and a photo of the package: http://www.tomshobbies.net/index.php/2006/09/04/homemade-kayak-rack-for-the-garage/

NRS straps
NRS sells 1 1/2 inch wide straps that give a little more support.

Change of mind
Went to Home Dumpo for other stuff & found “jumbo storage” hooks/brackets whatever you want to call them. Came with foam padding on them. Boats are now stored on their sides on these brackets, which cost a whopping $3.97 each. Mom will be proud of my bargain shopping!

Thanks for posting this
I just finished yesterday putting the tin roof on a new 13 foot x 28 foot boat shed which will hopefully house all our yaks and canoes, and I’ll check those brackets out.

What is the length of the bar?