Longer Footpegs for Valley Aqauanaut???


I am wondering if there are any longer footpegs I can get for my Valley Aquanaut. I like the boat a lot, but find the footpegs to be uncomfortable (forgive me if this sounds strange). For me, the combination of the deck height, and the angle my legs and feet are at make it hard for me to get my feet comfortably on the pegs. I think that it would be more comfortable if they were a bit longer.

I have not had this feeling with other boats I have owned so I am assuming that the pegs on this boat are perhaps somewhat shorter.

Does anyone know where I can get some new pegs that might be a bit longer?



if you are referring to the size of the pegs being too small, you can cut a piece of sheet lexan to size and shape and bolt to the current peg. If you countersink the hole you do not even need to add foam. I did this to my boat and it works fine.

Padding out the bulkhead?
Have you considered this option…it is incredibly comfortable.



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Take the footpegs out (leave rails in place). Put them in safe keeping in case you ever decide to sell the boat. Invest in minicell or ethafoam and make a footrest across the bulkhead. Generally some slant/angle on the footrest makes for a more comfortable position.

Should be cheaper for you since you're reasonably tall. When I pad out my bulkheads, I am looking at a foot of foam or more to fill the space. Can you say $40-$50 bucks? Well worth it in my opinion tho'...


Yes, padding out the bulkhead
Once you’ve braced against the bulkhead (actually against foam on the bulkhead)you’ll never go back to those silly uncomfortable pegs. This is one of the reasons why many of us who have ordered boats have ordered custom forward bulkhead placement.

I brace against the bulkheads in both my Aquanaut and Romany and it is so fine! My Aquanaut was custom ordered, so I brace against 1" of foam. My Romany has closer to standard placement so I brace against 4" of foam.

Pulling the rails will also save a few pounds of weight. If you don’t want to glass the holes, white nylon screws and cap nuts with neoprene washers do very well and are almost invisible.

Add another vote
Full foam bracing surface may be the single best outfitting change you can make. It will fix problems you didn’t even know you had.

Why suffer with pegs if you don’t have a rudder system based on them?

In addition to standard 3" - 1" - 1’2" minicell, look for some of those 2’ x 2’ x 1/2" thick foam exercise/equipment mats. Usually sold in a 4 pack. Target has good ones, so do most big box sport stores (density will vary by brand). These will let you adjust in 1/2" increments - and being surfaced on one side provide a more durable outer layer that’s easy to replace. Scraps work well for thigh and hip padding too.

Well, I am not sure I am a fan of foam bulkheads despite their popularity. Although I have not done so with my sea kayak, I did have a whitewater boat with an adjustable bulkhead vs. footpegs. For whatever reason I somewhat prefer pegs to bracing against the bulkhead. Plus with my short legs I would need a couple of feet worth of foam to build up my bulkhead. I will consider it though. We’ll see.

My problem with my pegs now is basically just that the angle I am at in the boat makes it hard to get the balls of my feet on them. It’s more like the outsides of my feet that make contact with them due to their short length.

I am pretty sure that my last boat had longer pegs. I would like to find where I can buy some longer ones to try. If that still does not work for me then maybe I will have to try the foam.


I added a 15" of foam
still worth it (later moved the seat and took out a layer).

Just do it - then decide. Pull it out if you don’t like it - which is highly unlikely.

White Water Boat Bulkhead…
don’t know which boat you have. Some of the older boats have a vertical bulkhead. These aren’t very comfortable. Most folks find having their feet against a canted (angled) bulkhead more comfortable. The beauty of the foam is that you can fine tune the cant to your preference.